The Suffolk Swords Storm Framlingham

We invaded Framlingham this weekend.

A group of us were there to act as the honour guard at one of our members’ weddings. To get out of the sun we briefly took over the Library next door.

Dressed in full armour, we stormed into the library and then had a nice sit-down and a drink thanks to the very kind librarian.

After leaving the library, we walked up to Framlingham Castle. The castle, which is a popular tourist destination, was very busy. There were more than a few confused looks as we walked towards the main gate. We considered laying siege to the castle but it was a bit too warm. Instead, we just wandered around and had a few photos taken of us posing.

The invasion of Framlingham was a fun and memorable event, especially the wedding.

Congratulations to the happy couple who even cut their cake with a sword.

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