If you’re interested in coming along but you have some questions, maybe we can help. If we don’t answer it here, feel free to contact us via our Contact Page.

1) When do you meet?

We tend to meet on Sundays for training and sword-fighting practice. The dates and times are subject to us being at events or other factors. Check out the events page or get in touch with us to confirm when the next training session is taking place.

2) What kit do I need?

You normally don’t need to bring any equipment with you to training sessions but we do recommend some thick gloves. We can lend you weapons for training until you start to get comfortable with coming along. When you have been to a few sessions you may wish to start obtaining your own equipment, tailored to you – we can help advise you on what equipment to buy and where to get it from.

3) What clothing should I wear?

Loose clothing suitable for physical activity is best. Ideally, clothing should cover the full length of your arms and legs when using metal armour, to avoid any edges rubbing on bare skin!

4) I’ve never done any martial arts before, will I be ok?

There is a level of physical exertion involved but knowledge or experience of other martial arts is not a requirement for getting full enjoyment from medieval sword-fighting.

5) Does it hurt?

No! We show you how to carry out reenactment combat in a safe way, avoiding injury wherever possible. The weapons are blunt and armour and padding are thick enough to absorb most of the energy from an accidental hit. Your muscles will probably feel a bit sore after a workout though! 

6) How old do I have to be?

This is a contact sport and does involve possible injury with heavy, blunt weapons if you are not careful. Also, we do not have insurance or DBS checks for children, For these reasons, we require you to be at least 16+ to be able to take part. If you’re under 18 we also need you to have an adult with you to supervise your training.

7) How much does all that armour weigh?

The weight of a full suit of armour can be anything up to, or over, 5 stone (32kg). The foot combat armour made for Henry VIII when he was 28 years old and was entering the Field of Cloth tournament, weighed over 6.5 stone (94lb 42.7kg). It’s also interesting to note that modern steel armour is estimated to be about 1/3 heavier than the original medieval plate would have been!

8) I’m excited! How do I join?

Just come along to one of our training sessions, check the calendar for dates and locations. The first session is free, and every session after that is just £5.

9) Can I book you to appear at my event?

You can. Please contact us to discuss the event and what we can do for you.