Suffolk Swords at Framlingham Library

Saturday 5th August, we are attending a special Knights’ Tales event at the Framlingham Library.

We will be assembling our best knights of the realm for a day of medieval activities for children and families with stories of our gallant adventures, slaying mythical beasts and saving damsels in distress. We will be showing off our shining armour and children can get involved with fun activities throughout the day.

Vivia Bamford, manager of Framlingham Library came up with the idea after our recent visit to Framlingham:

“We want to make some big improvements to our children’s library and create a new castle-themed area, which will be dubbed the ‘Library Keep’. It’ll reflect Framlingham’s most famous landmark it’s castle – and will create a welcoming and inspirational environment for everyone who visits the library. We have a ‘castleometer’ where we will record how much money we’ve raised. Our target is £20,000 and our Friends group has already kindly committed the first £2,000.”

In May, one of our Suffolk Swords group members got married in Framlingham Unitarian Meeting House, next door to Framlingham Library. Vivia Bamford, was very kind to the group, not just letting us use some car parking space to get dressed in our armour next to the venue but also bringing us a lot of squash to keep us hydrated on a very sunny day! We really wanted to repay her kindness so when we heard about the Library Keep fundraising plan we leapt at the chance for Suffolk Swords to be involved and support this event.

If you would like to donate to the Library Keep campaign you can visit the JustGiving page:

Or text FRAM followed by a donation amount to 70085.

No booking is needed for the Knights’ Tales event and you can drop in any time to meet us and hear our stories. The event is free to attend but donations are welcome.

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