Henham – Easter Country Show 2022

The two days of the Easter Country Show went really well and we had two days of perfect weather for us. Warm, dry and not too sunny so the men-at-arms didn’t cook in their harness.

We had both of our tents up, the new fire pit got a lot of use and our team spent plenty of time putting on combat displays or talking to visitors.

Both days flew by but we did manage to get plenty of photos of the event.

Each day we put on 3 combat displays at prearranged times. This allowed us to prepare in advance and encourage people to come back at the set times. One member of the group acted as a judge and also to get the audience fired up while making sure the fights went safely, if not fairly. Plenty of cheating and sneaky moves got used by a few of the fighters, but it was all done as part of the show.

New to us were brightly coloured cotes used to denote teams when fighting in the 2 on 2 skirmish fights. Being based in Suffolk, we have gone for Ipswich town colours and the natural enemy for the local team, Norwich. Having teams helped the audience cheer for one side or the other. It also helped the fighters be able to make sure they don’t stab the wrong person in the back.

We have a video of one of the fights as well.

It was a wonderful first event for us and we are looking forward to more this year. The next event for us is the St George’s family fun day at Grundy Park. Pop along and say hello if you see us.

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