Summer training and events

We’ve been getting back into our regular training sessions after the lockdown. HUZZAH!

A few weeks of practice have helped to get back into the sword swing of things. It’s also been good to spend some time with the new members who have joined over the lockdown. We will be having more sessions so we can keep up the practice, but also because it’s been great to get out again and have some fun.

The next few weeks are also building up to a few events over the end of summer. Starting with Framlingham Show on the 21 & 22 August 2021. This will be our first show of 2021 and we will be there for both days. Come along and say hello if you’re going.

The photos below are from a training session in Christchurch park and we had plenty of rain, sun and wind, but it didn’t put us off.

Keep an eye out for future training sessions on here, or follow us on Facebook or Twitter for more updates and news.

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