Framlingham Show – August 2021

This weekend, a group of us took part in the Framlingham Country Show in the heart of the Suffolk countryside.

We had the most appropriate location for our campsite, the castle was visible behind us through the trees, providing a wonderful backdrop to our photos. The famous Olde English bard, Sir Edwyrd of Sheerhan, sang about Framlingham Castle in one of his ballads.

Framlingham Castle

Set up of the tents was on Friday and then we had a busy couple of days over the weekend. Lots of people came along to the show, we managed to get some good crowds to watch us. The weather was great apart from some rain on Sunday, most of the weekend was nice and warm. There was a little bit of a breeze to keep the heat down. We had a space over in a living history area next to our archer friends The White Dragons. There was also a group of Picts and Vikings nearby who we got to chat with and compare weapons and equipment.

We talked to the crowds about our weapons and armour and then put on a few good fights to demonstrate how to use them. This was a great shakedown for us after such a long time in lockdown and more than one of the team was complaining about a few aches and bruises the next morning. There’s going to be a bit of armour and weapon maintenance going on as well as buckles get replaced and swords get waxed.

So, speaking of events, we still have more to squeeze in the next few months while the sun is still shining. Come by and say hello if you see us there and keep an eye out for more training sessions coming soon as well.

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