The first Bleed Box is installed

It’s been a year of since our gruelling 5k charity run in full armour but it has paid off in a big way as we saw the first of our three bleed boxes installed. Two of our group saw the installation of the first of our three Bleed boxes for the Be Lucky Anti Crime Foundation on Ancaster Road near the Ipswich train station.

It was a great honour to be there to see it installed. Not only did it show the results of our fundraising efforts, but the location held a personal connection for Paul, who lost his brother at that spot.

The boxes contain medical equipment to help anyone injured and bleeding, not just from knife attacks, but also from traffic accidents or similar incidents.

As a group that trains with replica medieval weaponry, we understand the potential dangers of just blunt weapons so. We’re proud to have partnered with the Be Lucky Anti Crime Foundation to raise awareness and help to equip Ipswich and the local community with these life-saving medical kits.

Our mission isn’t over yet! We’re actively seeking locations for the remaining two bleed boxes. Discussions are underway with several Ipswich businesses, and we’re hopeful to secure suitable placements soon.


An article about the installation has been in the local news as well.

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