Dreaded 49’s

While we’re in lockdown, here’s a useful set of upper arm exercises that have been suggested by our resident training expert (and obvious sadist) Tim Baker.

The “Dreaded 49’s”, as they are known, are a set of 7 arm positions in which you open and close your hands 49 times, for a total of 343 grasping movements. No, we have no idea where the stipulation of 49 repetitions comes from, rather than 50. Ask Tim.

Dave L has helpfully illustrated the arm positions for each set of 49 grasps, below, to run through in order. Start with your fists clenched and then “explode” the fingers outwards, then gather them back into a fist again.

That’s one repetition. Only 48 more to go!

Keep doing this for each of the arm positions in order and if you manage this once a day then you should find that your grip and arm strength improve, boosting your sword-fighting stamina and dexterity!

Here are the positions:

  1. Arms straight downwards in front of you
  2. Arms held out at 90 degrees in front of you, palms down.
  3. Arms held out at 90 degrees to each side of your body, palms down.
  4. Arms held above your head
  5. Arms held out at each side in a “bicep curl”, palms facing in towards the body
  6. Arms held out at 90 degrees to each side of your body, palms up (as per 3 but rotated)
  7. Arms held out at each side but then bent back in and down at the elbows.

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